People (individuals, couples, adolescents & families)
While seeing a psychologist can be useful for people who have serious psychological or emotional problems, it is also helpful for people with everyday issues as well. Given our focus on achieving optimum health, we service a range of people & businesses for a variety of needs.
Biological Drivers of Mood
Kate specialises in helping to uncover potential biological drivers shown by scientific literature to impact mood (e.g., adrenal or sex hormone imbalance; digestive problems; inflammation etc). This often involves working integratively with other health practitioners, a process which Kate enjoys and encourages.

Health Coaching 
Here at Compass Health Group we specialise in health coaching. Often we know ‘what to do’ or that ‘smoking etc’ is ‘bad’ for us. But we somehow just don’t change our ways. Often education or willpower alone are not enough for us to make lasting changes. Health Coaching combines health & positive psychology to help everyday people with the motivation, skills & strategies needed to make lasting health behaviour change, including:
  • Improving nutrition & physical activity levels;
  • Improving energy levels & sleep management (insomnia);
  • Quitting or reducing smoking, drinking, or other drugs;
  • Managing chronic illness, pain & medication use; or
  • Any other behavior that has become habitual or addictive & is proving to be a barrier to having the life that you want.

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Lifestyle Concerns  
Similarly, we also assist individuals, couples, adolescents & families who may be experiencing other lifestyle concerns: 
  • Irritability, chronic complaining or anger management;
  • Stressors or dealing with unavoidable changes in life (job change, caring for elderly parent etc)
  • Relationship issues, divorce, couple counseling &/or mediation;
  • Gender & sexual identity;
  • Feelings of loneliness or isolation;
  • Shyness, social skills & communication training;
  • Life direction (clarifying your strengths, values & enacting these to reach desired goals);
  • Sports performance issues.
Psychological or Emotional Concerns 
At the same time Compass Health Group is also able to assist individuals, couples, adolescents & families who may be experiencing other psychological & emotional concerns, including: 
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety (GAD, OCD, PTSD, specific phobias or panic attacks);
  • Childhood abuse/neglect, & other trauma;
  • Grief & loss; &
  • Eating disorders.

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