Our Expertise
Compass Health Group is owned & operated by Jen & Kate Worsfold - fully registered, non-judgmental psychologists who have had varied personal & professional life experiences. Both have worked not only with a wide variety of people (from different age groups, ethnicities, sexualities & so on), but also for & within different work contexts (from large national & international commercial organizations to local & foreign government bodies). 



In order to deal more effectively with a range of clients across a variety of issues, Jen & Kate have had training in:

  • Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
  • Health Coaching & Positive Psychology approaches
  • Mediation & Conflict Resolution.


Apart from a traditional focus on clinical or primarily psychological issues, Kate has had a lifelong interest in health, nutrition, exercise & getting the most out of life. This focus motivated Kate to undertake further study in nutritional medicine in order to provide a more holistic approach to treatment and wellbeing. Our goal is to assist others in making health & lifestyle changes so they can live their best life.


Outside of her clinical practice, Kate continues to undertake research and contribute to the scientific literature across a range of fields. Both Jen & Kate worked together on a service psychology project in their Honours year, which was published (see Publications below).

Our specific experience & achievements are further detailed as follows.


Kate Worsfold (Nutritional Psychologist) 

Registered psychologist, nutritionist & naturopath

Master of Clinical Psychology (cand.); B.Psychology (Hons1)

Post Grad Dip. Nutritional Medicine - Mental Health

Adv. Dip Nutritional Medicine & Naturopathy

Kate has had a long track record of success, both educationally & professionally. Kate holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) from Griffith University & has a distinguished academic career.  During her study Kate was awarded the KM Hatano Scholarship for academic excellence, leadership & community service. Graduating with First Class Honours and an average GPA of 6.7, Kate also accomplished the rare achievement of receiving both the Psychology & overall University medals. Kate’s interest & knowledge regarding human behaviour is reflected by her published work with Jennifer (see below publication details). Kate has also completed further postgraduate and undergraduate training in nutritional medicine.


Kate’s professional experience extends from being a private research consultant as part of several large EU funded African aid projects, to Government (working with youth offenders, & the Gold Coast Schoolies Program), to Associate/Client Manager at Conics (a local research consultancy).  As part of her Conics role, Kate managed major market research activities for high profile clients like BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Delfin Lend Lease & Super Cheap Auto, in addition to management of HR activities (e.g., employee counselling, recruitment/selection, conflict resolution and so on).  Currently, Kate continues to work with Griffith University across various projects & has recently completed work for the Psychology Department on a large scale customer service & communication project. This project, in conjunction with her own published work, has provided Kate with in-depth insight into the critical behaviours necessary for facilitating good communication, maintaining relationships and achieving positive outcomes, particularly with initially negative or hostile clients. Apart from her work at Compass Health Group, Kate is working on several educational psychology related projects, pending publication.


Across her various professional roles, Kate has developed relationships with an extremely wide variety of individuals & organisations including: remote Kenyan tribe members, NGOs, Government Departments, local community/activist groups, sub-consultants, multi-national companies, project team members, other workers, & other community individuals (from youth offenders, adults & parents to retirees). Such relationships (with both willing & adversarial clients) have only been possible due to Kate’s focus on rapport, communication & non-judgmental relationship building with each and every individual. 

Given Kate’s education, she specialises in promoting mental health by combining evidence-based psychotherapy with nutritional medicine. As part of this approach, Kate utilises standard pathology testing to assess various biomarkers associated with mood issues to understand potential biological drivers. Apart from her Master's research involving binge eating, Kate has a broad range of experience in dealing with:  depression, anxiety, women's health, trauma, life transition & adjustment issues, grief & loss, sexuality issues & stress management.


Jennifer Worsfold (Registered Psychologist)

Master of Clinical Psychology (cand.); B.Psychology (Hons1)


Jen has a broad range of experience in the treatment of depression, anxiety, stress management, irrational fears, poor motivation, dysfunctional family dynamics, interpersonal/social issues, substance abuse, mood disorders & relationship problems. She has over 3 years experience working for a statutory agency and this has given her the opportunity to work in a system that requires meeting both legal and ethical obligations while delivering services based on evidence based research and practice. This position has also refined and honed Jen's ability to communicate with a diverse range of individuals, from key stakeholders in the government and non-government sectors to clients using the services delivered within a social work setting.  Jen puts particular emphasis on developing ongoing rapport and relationship building with all those that she works with. She has extensive experience with clients who present in a distressed, angry and chaotic state and believes that a non-judgmental and empathic communication style used (over time) can move clients from conflict to resolution.


Jen has also distinguished herself in the field of fine Arts, including winning the Arts Medal for her graduating year at University. She continues to have a keen interest in the field of literature and art and its transformative effects on both individuals and society. She has been a student of philosophy and as such this has shaped her as a strategic thinker – understanding the primacy of the whole and how one part or individual interconnects, influences and affects all others.  This understanding gives her the ability to help people solve problems in their lives, in sometimes a non-linear fashion – focusing on the ‘bigger picture’ and helping highlight possible intended and unintended consequences of actions and solutions. Jen has a keen interest in helping people discover what they really value in life & how to move towards having the life that they desire.


Jen is also able to provide leadership coaching and communication skill building. Her interest in this area has been fashioned from diverse sources from psychological writers such as Daniel Golman (Emotional Intelligence/Primal Leadership), Literary texts - Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ - managing conflict, to philosophic thinkers such as Hegel and his use of dialectics (Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis). Thich Nhat Hanh (peace activist and Buddhist Monk) writings have also been a major influence – using mindfulness to promote non-violent solutions to conflict.


Smith, C., Worsfold, K., Fisher, R., McPhail, R., Davies, L. (2013). Assessment literacy and student learning: the case for explicitly developing students 'assessment literacy'. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.
Worsfold, K., Worsfold, J., & Bradley, G. (2007). Interactive Effects of Proactive & Reactive Service Recovery Strategies: The Case of Rapport & Compensation. The Journal of Applied Social Psychology: 37, 11, p: 2,496-2,517.

Kate's full publication list can be seen on Google Scholar 

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