Our Approach
We believe that an improved life begins with health.  At Compass Health Group we take a ‘whole of life’ approach in assessment & treatment, where getting fit & healthy is considered across four dimensions:
· physical
· psychological,
· social &
· purposeful living.
Setting your life in a new & more meaningful direction involves attention to each of these four interrelated areas, not just one or the other.
Not just the absence of physical disease.
Physical health entails:
- Good energy levels;
Physical fitness (bodily strength, endurance & flexibility);
Diet (quantity, quality/nutritional value); &
Management of drug or medication 

While you may not be ‘sick’, you may not be ‘firing on all cylinders’. This may be evidenced by:

Frequent bouts of tiredness or poor energy levels during the day;

 Loss of breath walking up hills or stairs;

Craving &/or consuming high amounts of sugar, white refined carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine or other drugs;

Problems sleeping at night;

Decreased immunity (frequent colds, stomach upsets, headaches & so on).


Mental fitness involves having:

·   psychological strength,

·   flexibility &

·   adaptability

to respond to the demanding situations of life, and all the thoughts and emotions that naturally arise.


Many life events are unavoidable (e.g., job change; divorce; certain illnesses & so on). Learn to deal with these situations & get more fulfilment from life by improving your mental fitness. Just like physical fitness, learning to deal with thoughts and emotions differently can be strengthened through training & learning new exercises or skills. 
Those with lower levels of ‘mental fitness’ may not cope as well with challenges & may respond with:

- Avoidance/escape behaviours : absenteeism, procrastination indecisiveness, dependence on others, increased binge eating/smoking/drinking

- Safety behaviours: reassurance seeking, checking repeatedly.

- Fight behaviours: irritability/aggression, blaming others, overcompensating, overachieving.
Such coping behaviours, while providing relief in the short-term can though cause more suffering in the long term and lead to some of the prior physical issues.


Having a close-knit support system helps you deal with stress, & in turn is linked with improved health.


Social factors include quality of:

·   Family relationships

·   Romantic relationships

·   Friendship, social life & support network.

Lower levels of social functioning or health may be indicated by:
Feelings of isolation. (E.g., limited close friendships, support people, or people you are close to or can rely on, or friendships marked with chaos and drama);
Strained romantic relationships. (E.g., the ratio of negative behaviours outweighs the positive – more complaining, blaming, irritation, anger or contempt than attention, affection etc).
Stagnate romantic relationships. (E.g., feeling nothing or very little towards your partner, either positively or negatively).
Co-worker, work group, or family related issues.



                                             Purposeful Living

Living a purposeful life (or having a meaningful reason to get out of bed every morning) is linked with improved physical health. Often we forget about the "big picture" or our life values. What do you really want your life to stand for? What sort of partner, mother/father, friend do you want to being...and are you living in line with these values?

People who rate more lowly on purposeful living often indicate feeling:

Aimless or ‘lost’

Anxious (as they don’t know what ‘direction’ they are in)

Bored or even lethargic

Better health - Better Life!
Together, physical, psychological, social & purposeful life functioning are all interlinked with regard to promoting health or causing disease. Being active physically, mentally & socially helps us cope with stresses, improve our mood, create friendships & even romantic relationships! Similarly, having a sense of purpose for your life or living by your values has not only been linked to improved health (e.g., less cancer & heart disease, stronger immunity, lower blood pressure) but also a longer length of life.

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