How can I access your service?

(1) Visit Your Doctor Medicare Rebates                                                                          
You may be entitled to receive a "Mental Health Plan" which allows you 10 sessions per calendar year to be rebated through Medicare. When calling to make the appointment with your GP, inform reception that is what you wish the appointment to be for - they may allow a longer appointment time to complete the referral. Once you have the referral, you are initially entitled to 6 rebated sessions. A follow-up appointment is then made with your GP for a review, following which another 4 sessions may be granted.
(2)  Contact Us Directly Self Referral 
Alternatively, you do not need a referral from other health practitioners to visit us. You may call us directly to make an appointment 

(3)  Health Fund Rebates: Many private health funds now provide rebates for 'extra' services. Please check with your individual fund regarding what rebates your policy allows (e.g., psychology or naturopathy/nutrition). Note that if you are obtaining a Medicare Rebated session, you can not claim any out of pocket expense using your health fund cover.

(3)  WorkCover, Insurance or Rehabilitation Programs 
If your treatment is claimable under WorkCover or insurance, all we need are the referral details & your claim number when booking the appointment.  

What are your fees?

The Australian Psychological Society (APS) recommended fee for sessions is $238. However, Compass Health Group provides psychological services at competitive & affordable rates. 

Standard 50min Psychological Consult with a Mental Health Plan
Total session fee is $150 (Gold Coast) or $160 (Byron Bay). With an $85 Medicare rebate into your bank account on the spot, your session then only costs $65 out-of-pocket (or $75 if in Byron). Given sessions are commonly fortnightly - this means spending only around $20-$30 per week. 

Nutrition Sessions
To assess pathology results and treat nutritional deficiencies and other health conditions impacting your mood, separate nutrition sessions are charged at the hourly rate (e.g., 50min $150; 30min consult is $90).

For sessions not covered by Medicare, many Health Funds now also provide allowances for psychological or nutritional services, so check with your individual fund (e.g., naturopathy/nutrition). 

Out of session services (e.g., requested letters, reports) are charged at $150 p/h.

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